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How it works

Using our AI-powered solution for creating detailed and precise customer personas to enhance your marketing strategies is as easy as it gets. Our platform combines cutting-edge AI technology with a user-friendly interface to revolutionize the way you generate persona's to better understand your audience and customers. Here is how the platform works. 

choose persona type.jpg

Choose the type of persona

Initiate the process by selecting the desired persona type for generation. Opt for a User Persona to craft products and services aligned with user preferences and expectations, or opt for a Negative Persona to uncover strategies for engaging skeptical users effectively.

Enter product or service information

Moving to the second phase, you will delve deeper into elaborating on your product or service, showcasing its Unique Value Proposition, and identifying its direct competitors in the market.

enter product details.jpg
enter persona attributes.jpg

Define attributes of your customer / user

Step three involves inputting attributes about your customer into the tool. You have the flexibility to either provide specific details or leave them blank, allowing our AI engine to define attributes based on web-available data.

See the result and fine tune

Congratulations! Your customer persona is now defined. Begin the process of refining it by selecting from three generated images or editing the accompanying text. When you're satisfied with the outcome, you have the option to download it as a PDF document.

buyer persona.jpg

If you are looking for more information about and the way it works, you can go to our

Pricing page where you will find a complete FAQ. 

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